We guarantee your stormwater compliance.


HOAs, housing developments without a HOA and individual homeowners, we have your stormwater solutions.

Business Owners

Clean Creek will manage your stormwater maintenance on commercial properties.


We guarantee to keep our client's stormwater drainage system functioning as designed and keep them in compliance.


What is stormwater runoff? A catch basin? Why does your private storm drainage system need to be in compliance? Visit our FAQ page


Serving Washington & Oregon

We’ve been located in Clark County, Washington for over 20 years. To ensure prompt service from a local source, we focus on the areas we know— Clark, Cowlitz, and Multnomah counties.


We do everything stormwater. From storm drains in your streets and parking lots to Stormfilter vaults, rain gardens and underground chambered detention facilities you can count on us to maintain your stormwater system and keep you in compliance.  We guarantee it!




Not listed? Contact us to see how we can help.