Clean Creek offers inspection, installation, and maintenance services for all stormwater runoff structures.  With a maintenance agreement, Clean Creek will keep your stormwater system working as designed and in compliance with your local regulatory agency—we guarantee it!


Filter Maintenance

Filters are media filled cartridges that absorb and retain pollutants from stormwater runoff. Filters are rechargeable or replaceable depending on their manufacturer and condition. Common stormwater runoff structures that contain filters are vaults, catch basins and manholes.

Contact us with questions or to schedule a site visit.

Storm Drain Cleaning

Storm drains, catch basins, or street drains are common names for in-ground structures that capture surface water runoff. The captured runoff is then conveyed through pipes towards treatment, infiltration, or discharge areas.

Storm drains need routine maintenance to function properly.  Learn more about storm drains or contact us to schedule your maintenance.

Storm Manhole Cleaning

Storm manholes are in-ground structures designed to provide maintenance access and serve as a gathering point from multiple upstream structures. Manholes help convey stormwater to the treatment, infiltration, or discharge areas.

Annual inspections should be performed with periodic maintenance done as needed to remove excess sediment buildup and debris. Contact us to schedule an inspection or maintenance.

Drywell Cleaning

Drywells are in-ground concrete structures similar in size and shape to storm manholes, but with a porous or perforated wall. Drywells are designed to infiltrate stormwater into the ground. If a drywell fills up or the walls become plugged, maintenance is needed.

We recommend drywells be inspected at least once every two years to ensure they are working properly.  Learn more about drywells or contact us to schedule an inspection.

Underground Stormwater Detention

Underground stormwater detention systems are plastic, metal, or concrete chambers designed to store stormwater runoff.  This system may infiltrate stored water back into the ground or have a restricted or metered release downstream.

Annual inspections may be required.  Contact us to ensure your system works properly and is functioning within compliance standards.

Swales, Detention Ponds, Rain Gardens

These systems are planted depressions that allow stormwater runoff the opportunity to be absorbed by plants and soils or be conveyed to other downstream discharge systems.  Ponds, swales, and gardens are designed to infiltrate stormwater back into the ground near the site it drained off of.

Landscape maintenance is needed to promote longevity. When excess sediment has built up it must be excavated and replanted.  We can help keep you in compliance. Contact Us

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Maintenance Plan (SWMP) & Maintenance Agreement- After stormwater maintenance is performed on your site, we will keep you in compliance and reduce your future costs.  A CLEAN CREEK Stormwater Specialist will prepare a SWMP tailored to your site identifying your stormwater structures along with our recommendations for inspection and maintenance to keep your site in compliance. A three to five-year agreement is common and allows us to keep your stormwater system working properly, guarantees compliance, and saves you money!  A SWMP and maintenance agreement is the key to your compliance— so give us a call!


Questions about stormwater? Why should you maintain your system? Visit our FAQ page.